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Opportunity to overcome your obstacle.

The desire to get perspective from an observer. The desire to get your company to work more successfully. Understanding that it should all come easier and faster?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure things out on your own and it’s enough for someone else to take a look as a bystander. That’s what you get with a consultation. A bystander’s gaze from someone who has looked into the soul of more than 100 social enterprises.

In the consultation, we will take a look at the bottlenecks in your company one by one and help you solve them in order to create more influence and be more successful as an entrepreneur.

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There is no doubt that you are wondering: how much do I have to invest in it?

The price of the investment for the consultation is 75 € / hour (the first hour is free, for SEE members 50 € per hour from the second hour). This means, for example, a fee of € 150 for a three-hour consultation (the first hour is free).