Estonian Social Enterprise Network

The main aim of Estonian Social Enterprise Network is to increase the number, organisational capacity and societal impact of social enterprises.

In order to do that, we act as a:

a) advocacy organisation: advocating for an environment where social enterprises can maximize their potential in creating societal value (e.g. by having opportunities to take advantage of holistic and interrelated support measures);

b) supporter of social enterprises: providing direct (mainly non-financial) support for social entrepreneurs for either starting up or scaling up. Our programs for social enterprise development have concentrated on increasing sales and improving scope, quality and impact of their activities, using a variety of methods like design thinking and action learning.

b) developer and spokesperson of the field: supporting educational activities and research, participating in international cooperation, informing key stakeholders about social entrepreneurship.

In 2016, we are piloting a standardised web solution for Estonian public purpose organisations (including social enterprises) for inserting, analysing and communicating their societal impact.

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Estonian Social Enterprise Network was established by 19 social enterprises on the 11th of April 2012. We are a non-profit association that has currently 48 of the top Estonian social enterprises as our members.

Clear societal value (i.e. positive impact) forms the heart of our definition of social enterprise. Other important aspects include having a financially sustainable business model, public disclosure of impact analysis information, and – so far – the requirement to reinvest surpluses.

If you want to contribute to changing the world in cooperation with us – for example as a social entrepreneur, volunteer, financial or nonfinancial supporter, academic researcher etc. – let us know! Our cross-border track record includes active memberships (GECES, Social Value International) & successful projects (Nordic Council of Ministers; European Commission, e.g. Erasmus+).